April 1, 2014 Meeting

Thanks to Lance Larson for dropping down on April 1st from his MadDotNet duties in Madison to give a great presentation on using PostSharp for Aspect Oriented Programming in .Net. Check out Lance’s blog for presentation details and lots of other wholesome goodness!

February 4th, 2014 Meeting

Sam from Design Mill stopped by the lab last night and gave a great overview on Augmented Reality and some nice example and demos to look at. A good crowd was present and excited to try things out. Unity3D came up as a technology that probably would be interesting for a future meeting…maybe we can have a volunteer or maybe pressure Sam into it. :-)

Sam provided a link to his slides for anyone interested:


November 5th, 2013 Meeting

Tuesday night Nate Adams was kind enough to drive up from the Iowa City area to talk to us about Reactive Extensions. Nate did a great job explaining the framework library to us and provided numerous examples that broke down the fundamental parts. And the meeting was well attended both in terms of number of participants as well as organizations represented. Good stuff!

October 1st, 2013 Meeting

Cody Sand dropped by last night to a full house crowd at the Decker Computer Science lab of Clarke University. With 22 in attendance for the presentation Cody covered building a Single Page Application (SPA) with AngularJS, ASP.NET and the Web API for RESTful services. (That’s a whole lot to say in one sentence…)

Here’s some links to Cody’s presentation and sample that he left for everyone:

Presentation: http://www.codysand.com/present/angular.html

September 3rd, 2013 Meeting

Blake Niemyjski, a Vice President at CodeSmith tools, stopped by on the 3rd to talk about Exception Driven Development. Along with some comparing and contrasting of different diagnostics and feedback tools, Blake showed off the flashy looking Exceptionless product offered by CodeSmith. It looks like a slick and easy way to plug in some non-obtrusive feedback about your application at runtime.

If you weren’t at the meeting you missed out on some great door prizes! There continues to be a table of surplus goodies that anyone can grab from. But in addition some great new giveaways from this years sponsors including InterTech, Telerik, and Apress make it fun in the end. At least one flying monkey is set free each meeting. This meeting also included a free e-book of choice for attendees from Apress and some Kendo UI subscriptions. And more!

August 6th, 2013 Meeting

Mark Oppedahl came by for a great presentation on Mapping in development from the “old days” to now, and gave some great first hand examples if the Cartegraph OMS products of using the Google Maps API. Many of the mapping issues discussed cross over to mapping in development in general, including licensing and geocoding. We also discussed mapping in the mobile context with some audience participation.

Here is a link to Mark’s presentation: http://dbqineta.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/maps.pptx


April 2nd, 2013 Meeting

Sean Murphy gave a nice presentation on UX last night to the group. Sean is the Vision Architect at Cartegraph and he talked about his background and how he arrived at UX as a career focus. The discussion covered an explanation of UX, how a problem is approached, what makes a good UX, what tools are involved, terminology, artifacts, etc. We also discussed the workflow of design artifacts from the designer to the developer. And of course Greg brought pizza.

Sean’s UX presentation: [no longer available]